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Lexy, Rain and Ido leave…

When Lexy arrived in August little did she know how her luck was going to change. Quite a few pups arrived at the same time and we only had one foster home available! Isa had not long returned from holiday and was available to foster….et voila..what a lucky girl!

Isa and family have fostered many pups so have lots of experience and it was no surprise to hear that Lexi settled well.  The following Sunday Isa was helping at the vide grenier in Caunes so took Lexy along to show her off. Lesely, one of our supporters had come along to visit and was thinking about another dog after losing Rocky her handsome beauceron. Lesely had visited the refuge a few weeks beforehand but was too emotional after her recent loss to make any decision, for her it was just too soon. Added to that it was going to have to be a very special dog that replaced Rocky and one who could live with 18 cats!

When you have other household animals it can be tricky choosing a dog who will fit in. As a general rule of thumb pups will adapt quickly to living with cats so long as introductions are done slowly and carefully. As Lesely had lots of cats her hubby very sensibly suggested a pup and when they say Lexy, that was it…they were in love. They reserved Lexy that day and after being sterilised on Saturday, off she went this evening with a very excited Lesely.

I am so pleased for Lesely, Lexy will help her move on and from tonight a new chapter of their lives begin. We will have lots of updates and news of how Lexy is coping with all of these cats!

Thanks of course to Isa and family. They have 3 dogs themselves so I am sure will be enjoying some quiet time with them which is just as well as our foster places are never empty long!

Next to leave was four year old Rain, a really lovely Shepherd cross. Rain was a lovely natured girl who certainly needed to lose a few pounds. This is extremely difficult in kennels but now she is in a family where she will have lots of exercise and portion control too I hope!

We did have one of our recent arrivals find his owner. Lucky Ido has gone home so 3 out but even more in. We will catch up with the arrivals tomorrow!

Lexy..look at these ears!



Rain is adopted



Ido goes home..




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