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Life After The Refuge

Those of you who visit our website will have noticed that we have a new page dedicated to stories of dogs after they have left the refuge. I am sure that this page will be a real inspiration for all of us and when you read the first story about Munro you will understand why.

I was there the day that Munro arrived at the refuge and couldn’t believe that such a handsome boy could be abandoned. There was something about how he held himself that really drew me to him, so first there gets to name him and being Scottish I called him Munro.

The refuge is a stressful place for dogs, we have 120+ dogs so the noise alone is enough to send even the most balanced dog over the edge. Munro didn’t cope well with this stress and soon it became very difficult to even get him out of his kennel. No amount of gentle persuasion, chicken or bribery worked and with staff and volunteer time at a premium the future wasn’t looking good for my lovely boy!

Social media sites are a God send for us at the SPA;  through one of these we became acquainted with Fauve Rescue in the UK. These super people had already taken a lovely Fauve called Gwen and an older Griffon cross called Yessa.  Sometimes the logistics of rescues to the UK are difficult but with the Fauves they seemed to fall into place. Gwen was taken to Calais to meet her new family by my son Stuart and Yessa was taken on the first step of her journey to Cahors by myself so, as I was planning a trip back to Scotland in about 5-6 weeks’ time, dare we ask Fauve Recue to step in yet again? Could we even get Munro used to a lead and collar and into a car, never mind  ask someone to adopt him? After a long chat with Fauve recue it was agreed that should we be able to get Munro there they would take him into their care. This really was the chance of a lifetime for Munro and we were determined to make sure it would succeed.

About this time a lady called Nicky had contacted Fauve Rescue after seeing Munros picture on their web site. Already having a Basset Fauve called Minnie she had experience with this breed and was looking for a playmate for her little girl. Nicky was also experienced with rescue dogs so everything was falling into place. Pending successful introductions Nicky would adopt Munro.

You can read Nickys fantastic story on our new Life After The Refuge page , it’s a superb story and well worth the read!


We would love more of these stories so if you have adopted from us and would like to tell everyone about us and your dog please get in touch.

Munro Leaving For The UK



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