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Life is sweet after the SPA

Earlier in the week a couple of volunteers went to visit some SPA dogs in their new homes. In an ideal world we would visit every single dog after adoption, but we are mere mortals, and the numbers of dogs involved make this impossible. Of course it is always good to get news via photos on Facebook etc, but nothing beats seeing dogs in the flesh. Whom we visit depends on a number of things. Sometimes a dog was a bit difficult at the SPA and it is interesting to see how they are getting on in their new homes. It is a learning process for everybody;  dogs who we thought would not be able to share their lives with other dogs quite often do so happily when they have more space. Such visits can help us reasess dogs who are still in our care and try and find them the best home possible.

Sometimes we visit dogs just because we were particularly fond of them when they were at the SPA and want another chance to give them a cuddle! Sometimes we know that the dogs are well and happy, because we know their owners and get regular news and photos. But that doesn’t mean we don’t visit, particularly if there is a good incentive to go. And what can be better than jewellery and cake!

A few weeks ago we mentioned a fundraising event, whereby a percentage of the sale of handmade jewellery would be donated to the SPA. The reason for this generosity is that  Lizzie, Ali and their friends Yvonne and Henny are great supporters of the SPA. So what better excuse did we need to pay a visit in which we could combine a bit of retail therapy with seeing some ex-SPA dogs!

It was so lovely to see Jonty (ex Button), Scout (ex Princesse) and Lily Blue (ex Greta) looking so relaxed and happy. Not only that, we came back with some excess cake (is there such a thing?) and a very generous donation to help the animals of the SPA. Thank you so much, Team La Caumette. And thanks also to the families who were visited earlier in the week.

For all these dogs life is sweet after the SPA, and we wish the same for all our animals.

Filou in his new home









Quizz is a happy lad too!












Scout (ex Princess) Jonty (ex – Button) and Lily Blue (ex Greta) are put through their paces

Scout Jonty and and Lily



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