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Lincoln and Soho leave…

I mentioned in last nights blog that we had had quite a few arrivals since Saturday and only one of them has been reclaimed.  What is really frustrating is that bar one, none of them were identified.

So why are these lovely dogs arriving at the refuge and why are nobody looking for them?

All of these dogs were found straying and were brought by either a member of the public or the police municipal.

Anyone can lose a dog, it can happen in the blink of an eye and as dogs are living beings, just like humans they make mistakes and can run off after a scent, a rabbit, a cat, no matter how well trained they are.  This is why we advise people to have their dog identified and to have a collar with a disk on their dog.  If your dog does goes missing and turns up somewhere, whoever finds it can simply call you up. Even if you don’t like collars, if the dog is identified it can be reunited with you really quickly. If however it isn’t identified several things may happen, the finder may just decide to keep the dog (its wrong but it happens) , the dog will end up in a refuge and if not claimed could adopted or even worse put to sleep after 10 days! Of course we don’t euthanize but lots of refuges do!

It is however unlikely that all of the dogs that have arrived have run off and got themselves lost. Lots of dogs have been allowed to stray. When a dog is allows to stray he is a nuisance to the general public. He poops where he likes, follows other dogs or people and can cause accidents.  That is why people bring stray dogs to us, because they are scared for both the dog and the public’s safety.

If your dog is picked up whilst straying and brought into us then you can easily get it back. If it is identified and the database details are up to date we will call you up and you can collect the dog without charge. If its not identified you can still have your dog back but it will cost you the price of a microchip. This is paid direct to the vet, not us and will ensure if the dog strays again and is brought in we can contact you quickly.

I should mention that it’s the law that states that all dogs must be identified.

Two dogs did leave today. Lincoln our 5 year old Griffon cross was adopted and Soho the Labrador who arrived a couple of days ago was reclaimed. Lets hope that the tide has turned and that there will be many more departures and than arrivals!

Lincoln adopted



Bulle..a new arrival



Tippex..another arrival




Tag…another arrival





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