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Look who’s been adopted!!

Well, here it is, the news that we have been waiting to pass on. Finally, after almost exactly 18 months at the refuge, Look left for his new home today.

This beautiful German shepherd cross arrived at the refuge in April 2017. We were contacted shortly afterwards by his owner, who told us that she no longer wanted this dog, who in any case, spent his life attached to a chain at the bottom of her garden. I wonder if she knew (or cared) that he was destined to spend another 18 months behind bars. On the other hand, I suspect that with all the love and walks he has had at the ScPA, his life there was far better than what he was used to.

Look is one of those dogs who has just been invisible at the ScPA. Some dogs seem to instinctively know how to attract attention, but Look, probably due to having been ignored so long by his owner, just kept to himself. He was very popular on walks and with the staff, and has been fine sharing his box with a series of other dogs. But finding a family has proved very difficult.

However last Sunday a family came along to look for a new companion for their dog. Look was not their first choice (as I say, he just never gets noticed), but when it became evident that their first choice did not like their own dog, they looked further, and with a bit of guidance from the staff, they met and fell in love with Look.

I cannot tell you how delighted we all are. Look is a wonderful dog, and many of us have been actively trying to find him a home ever since his arrival. He has been the urgent appeal here on DRC more than once, everyone at the ScPA adores him too. We hope he adapts well to his new life and hope to have news and pictures in due course.

German shepherd cross

Look – ADOPTED after 18 months

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