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Louna| A274

Louna female rotweiler crossFemale, Young, Large

Louna was brought to the ScPA for rehoming by her owner who was unable to look after her three dogs, having lost her home. The smallest one she was able to keep, but Louna and another large male were too much to cope with. The male went back to his breeder, leaving Louna alone. She is fabulous, however, and we are in no doubt that she will find a home soon. She is a long haired rottweiler cross who was born in July 2015. She does not require any permits or insurance, never fear. Louna is sociable with other dogs and adorable with people of all ages. If you like big gentle dogs, come along and meet Louna. She will surely put a smile on your face!

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  • Sociable and adorable with everyone
  • Gets on well with other dogs
  • Looking for an active family

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