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Lucky Laslo

As we had hoped, the last pup didn’t have too long to wait! Little Laslo left for his new home today, and we are delighted for him.

black and tan puppy


If you are after a puppy, however, dont be upset. There is a litter of six pups who will be ready for adoption soon, and of course we will show you photos of them as soon as we can. But please do not forget the “not-quite-pups”, either. One of them, Marcus, was adopted as a tiny puppy and brought back when he was a bigger puppy, and gorgeous Lafille is the kind of dog that turns heads at any age.

black spaniel cross

Five month old Marcus is looking for a new home

Okay, they may have lost their initial puppy cuteness, but that happens to all pups! And these two are well on the way to being housetrained, even if they do have the occasional lapse. Let’s not let them get left behind, just because there are younger pups at the SPA.

sharpei cross

Six month old Lafille is looking for a home too

We have at least one adoption in the pipeline tomorrow, by the way, so remember to read the blog!

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