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Lucky Seven!

We said in yesterday’s blog that more dogs would be leaving this week and today we had seven departures! Only one of them was an adoption, but we hope that the other leavers will soon have homes of their own, too.

Many of you know that on some occasions the ScPA has taken in dogs from other associations, particularly when the other associations are overpopulated or in financial difficulties. Well this solidarity is a two-way street. Of course the ScPA is not in trouble, nor do we have too many animals (although some of us would argue that even one dog without a home is too many). However we do have some dogs who are just invisible as far as adopters are concerned,

The SPA of Montpelier has recently been on a huge adoption drive, and as they have space and a different clientele to that in Carcassonne, they offered to take some of the ScPA’s long-term residents, to see if they would have more luck finding families from a different refuge.

So this morning the chosen six dogs – Chippeur, Tikia, Roucky, Captain, Baxter and Nesquick-  set off for a new refuge!  The ScPA will of course keep in touch and follow their progress. We wish them all the best of luck and many thanks to the SPA Montpelier for their kind offer of help.

Chippeur, Tikia, Roucky, Captain, Baxter and Nesquick have left to hopefully find new homes thanks to the SPA Montpelier.

Back on the ground, this afternoon saw the adoption of Nobel, a small black dog who has only been at the ScPA for a short time, having been found unidentified in a nearby village. It didn’t take him long to find a new home; his size was one factor, as were his handsome looks and his gentle personality, of course.

small black whispy haired dog


There was good news too for a tiny old dog who arrived yesterday; in fact he is very much loved and his owner was delighted to reclaim him today. Little Kiki is somewhere around the 14 year-old mark, so he is not the only one delighted that he is not looking for a new home after all.

tiny pale brown old dog


So today was a good day in many ways, and we hope for more of the same.


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