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Lutine and Mirabelle adopted!

Just about a year ago a terrified and very emaciated dog arrived with almost no fur. As we immediately suspected she did in fact have leishmaniasis but with lots of tlc and treatments she soon blossomed into a stunning spaniel who we called Lutine.

Finding a family for a dog with leishmaniasis can be a bit of a challenge but once stabilised this illness can be treated with a daily pill. Leishmaniasis is a chronic disease that is transmitted by the sand fly. The incubation period can be anything from one month to several years, and unless treated the more severe form can cause a dog’s internal organs to gradually shut down. Signs of leishmaniasis can include the tell tale “goggles” of bare skin around a dog’s eyes, as well as patches of scaly skin.

The best prevention against this disease is a scalibor collar and it also helps to keep your dog indoors during dusk and at night when sandflies are most active.

It strange that such a beautiful girl didn’t attract much attention but today the wonderful family who adopted Justin and Gertrude arrived and off she went to a very experienced and loving forever family.

We are very grateful when families adopt a second and in this case a third dog from us and for Lutine her life has gone from a hot concrete kennel to a loving family with two playmates…what a lucky girl!

The next adoption was that of Mirabelle, one of the 11 french bulldog x beagle pups who arrived at the end of May. At 9 months old its high time that this pup experienced family life and it was great to see her leaving at last!

Lutine….a family at last!

Mirabelle adopted!

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