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Lydia | T259

LydiaFemale, Young, Medium

Lydia was signalled to the ScPA facebook page as being attached to a bench near the village of Douzens. In fact later on someone wrote to say that they had witnessed a woman tying the dog up then driving off at top speed. However as Lydia is not identified there is nothing that can be done. Our only option is to keep Lydia for the ten days “pound time” and then find her a new home. Luckily Lydia is lucky on two counts. Firstly she is female (yes, females get adopted far quicker than males, for some reason), and secondly she is very pretty. She is mid gingery-brown colour with a black muzzle, making her very recognisable. Lydia was born in June 2016, so is a young girl who is looking forward to starting her new life out of the refuge.


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  • Fine with female dogs and cats
  • Very pretty dog
  • Will make a great family pet

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