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Mattie | T397

Mattie mature female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

Mattie is without doubt my new true love, and if I didn’t have a grumpy female at home, I would be doing everything I could to adopt her. Mattie is one of eight (yes, EIGHT!) dogs who were left to fend for themselves when their owner moved house. This really does happen, shocking though it is. Not all of them have made it to safety yet, as traps are being used to capture these poor dogs who have been terrorized by their owners. Not Mattie, however. She was the first to arrive and is amazing. Blind in one eye, Mattie is trusting and affectionate. She comes to her (new) name, licks your face, takes treats gently, wags her whole body with pleasure when people approach. She is an exceptional dog who is steady and calm. She is helping to calm down one of the other dogs who is very skittish and who is now making rapid progress. Mattie deserves a great home. She was born in July 2011 and we want her to only know love from now on.

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  • Trusting and affectionate
  • Steady and calm with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family

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