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May the fourth be with them!

It has been another slow week so far; May is a strange  month here, with lots of seemingly random looking bank holidays which mean that lots of people disappear on day trips or long weekends; perhaps not the ideal time to adopt. And almost inevitably there is an arrival of dogs whose owners have failed to cater for them while they take a holiday. Some of them will be reclaimed, others will remain at the refuge now their owners have realised that dogs need looking after even when owners want to go away.

However we do have a couple of adoptions to tell you about, and coincidentally the dogs arrived on almost the same day and even shared a kennel!

First to leave was timid border collie Meg. She arrived with her pal Bob when both were found in a nearby village. Both dogs were extremely nervous, but both are making progress. We hope that Meg will come on in leaps and bounds now that she has a home of her own. Her new dad, who visited the SPA yesterday, has gone off with strict instructions regarding her care…double lead and harness. We don’t want anymore dogs on the loose!

border collie


Her kennelmate, Sultan, also arrived with another dog, the lovely Zelda. Rather than leave the dogs in their established “couples”, the SPA decided to do a bit of swapping around. This might seem a cruel thing to do, but it is extremely rare for dogs who arrived together to be adopted together, and it is far better for them to learn to live separately as early as possible. Sometimes this helps get dogs out of their habitual roles of protector/ protected and enables them to blossom much sooner.

So Sultan and Meg have been friends for a couple of weeks now, and it is wonderful that they left on the same day.

black and tan dog

Sultan – ADOPTED

We have some more good news planned for tomorrow, so see you then.

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