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Mayday adoption of Mango

Today the SPA was closed for the May Day bank holiday, but with all the volunteers at the refuge wishing to walk dogs, it seemed easiest to leave the gates open. That meant that  a couple of visitors came in too, and one couple was especially welcome, as they adopted our lovely boy Mango (aka Boxer).

We all needed some good news. SPA Facebook followers will have heard that on Sunday we lost our lovely boy Duke to a tragic accident. This knocked everyone for six, and the refuge has been a bit gloomy. So today’s adoption was very welcome indeed.

Mango arrived identified but sadly no one came to reclaim him. Is it because he is a young and bouncy dog who needs education, perhaps? Who knows. But in any case, today’s family were looking for exactly this kind of dog. They had owned a dogue argentin in the past, and having recently moved house, they were looking for a dog to share their large garden and active lifestyle. Mango will have a wonderful new life, and we are really happy for him.

big cross breed

Mango (aka Boxer) – ADOPTED

There were also a couple of phone calls from people who have seen that their dogs are at the SPA, so there should be a couple of dogs leaving for their own homes tomorrow, too.

As we say so often, onwards and upwards.

RIP beautiful Duke

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