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Meet Max..a home to home success!

This is a story which will touch every doggy lovers heart. What if life deals you a very cruel blow and you just can’t keep you dog? What do you do when you know that the only solution that is fair on your dog is to rehome him?

John and Gillian were great retriever lovers, they had had 4 rescue golden retrievers before coming to France but as there were no rescues available they decided to go to a breeder and got Max, a beautiful, healthy pup.  Life was good and Max was a great pup, they walked miles each day really enjoying an active outdoor life.

But sometimes life deals a cruel blow and when Gillian contacted me a few weeks ago, Max was now 18 months old, they both were suffering from severe mobility problems and were really struggling to give Max the exercise that a young retriever needed.

We had a long chat and we both agreed that heart-breaking as it was, the best and fairest option was to find Max a new home. Can you imagine the pain and worry of entrusting the care of your dog to another person but knowing that it was the right thing to do?

Some breeds of dog are very popular and a 18 month old, handsome golden retriever was going to attract a lot of attention but I wanted to find Max the very best of homes.

Jan and Colin, a couple who help a lot with our fundraising group are also great retriever lovers. They had lost their lovely girl Madison just before Christmas and I wondered if Bailey their 6-year-old would like another best friend.

Both couples spoke and agreed that Max would come for a 2-week trial to see how Bailey and him got on. Max was already vaccinated, identified, castrated and even had a passport. John and Gillian drove Max 5-6 hours to a meet point where I picked him up and took him onward to what was hopefully going to be his new home.

Less than one week in, the decision was made and Max was adopted. Max was a good boy and Bailey was loving having a playmate!

Although very sad,  John and Gillian are delighted that Max has found an active home with other retriever lovers. Knowing that their darling boy is going to have the best of lives is the very best of outcomes.

We feel privileged that they entrusted us to help!

Max…settled and happy!


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