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Melba | A529

Melba female Bleu de GasgoineFemale, Young, Medium

Melba was captured and brought to the refuge by one of our supporters who saw this lovely hunt type dog straying in her village over the course of several weeks and decided to do something about it! Melba was actually identified, but as her owner did not reclaim her within ten days, lucky Melba has the chance to find a new home, rather than going back to a life in an outdoor kennel with just occasional “working” trips. Okay, she is outdoors at the refuge, but she gets loads of love, and of course the situation is just temporary! Melba is a very shy girl, a griffon bleu de Gascogne, who was born in May 2016. She is making good progress at the refuge, but would be far happier in a home. Ideally she would be rehomed with another dog to give her confidence, and a well enclosed garden is required. Along with lots of love and patience, of course!


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  • Needs an enclosed garden
  • Needs another dog companion
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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