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Millie needs a new home…

Today we had no adoptions so I thought that I would tell you about our most recent ‘Home to Home’.

Millie is a three year old Jagd terrier who arrived at a local village lost and pregnant. A couple took her in, helped her give birth to 7 puppies and when they were weaned, rehomed them.

As Millie became less stressed and more confident she started to go for the other resident female so we feel that she would be best in another home. She is fine with males and cats.

Medium sized females ( 15kg) are very popular so we are looking for a dog free home where Millie can have the love and attention that she craves.

Millie is ready to go to a new home. She is identified, vaccinated and sterilised.

If you could give Millie a home please contact Josephine on 0468700938 or email us on website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk



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