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Miss Marple finds……a home

Well, after all the excitement of Sunday the last couple of days have been relatively quiet at the SPA. Not in terms of arrivals, sadly, with six dogs arriving just yesterday. But on a more positive note, today we had our first adoption of the week.

The lucky lady is none other than Miss Marple. She arrived almost two weeks ago, and has been living in the cat house ever since. She is quite elderly, (the vet estimates her age as being 12, not all that old for a tiny dog, but not young either) and she was in need of an operation. As is quite often the case for unsterilised dogs of her age, she has breast cancer, meaning two quite big operations. As she arrived very thin, the first of these could not be carried out until today. The next will be in a couple of weeks, but as the Pound time is up, there is no reason why Miss Marple cannot go to live with her new family, who have been waiting patiently.

In fact it was they who found this little dog straying, and as they said today, they took it as a sign. So lucky Marple has gone to live with them, and in a few weeks she will have her second operation and then hopefully many more years of happiness ahead of her.

small cross with big brown ears

Miss Marple – ADOPTED

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