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Molly| A182

Molly Austrian ShepherdFemale, Young, Medium

Molly was found and brought to the SPA in March, and as she was not identified, we hoped that her owners would come to collect her. Then they did come and we wished they hadn’t! They came to reception area and then stole the dog, returning her the next day. Strange days indeed. In any case, there has been no sign of them since, and Molly is looking for a new home that is, how shall we say, a bit more stable. In fact she is an amazing dog. A fine boned brindle girl who is mostly if not all Dutch shepherd, Molly was born in August 2016. She is perfect on a lead, trotting alongside, occasionally looking up for reassurance. She will be a devoted family friend. Very much a DRC favourite, Molly deserves a wonderful home. She is identified, sterilised and fully vaccinated.

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  • Lovely nature
  • Not too strong on the lead
  • A devoted friend

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