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Monday Adoption of Pompom

Day one of a new week and already we have one adoption to tell you about.

Little poodle Pompom arrived last month in a terrible state. He was covered in matted fur, which disguised the fact that he was positively skeletal. Plus he was almost blind in one eye. Not surprisingly everyone thought that he was an old dog who had been  lost or abandoned. However a visit to the vets told us otherwise. Pompom is just five years old, and one he had put on a few kilos and benefited from the ministrations of groomer Angelique, he turned into a magnificent little chap.

He was lucky enough to find a place in the cat house, but he has been out regularly, following his human friends round the refuge devotedly.  As he is fine with both cats and dogs, he has proved to be a very easy “guest”.

Usually a small sociable dog would be adopted in super quick time. However it took Pompom a wee bit longer due, probably to his sight issues. However today Pompom was adopted and his new life started. We are sure he will be very happy.

white poodle

Pompom – ADOPTED

Let’s hope that this adoption is the first of many this week.

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