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Monday adoption of Puppy Chups.

Another Monday arrives, and as was the case last week, we had our first adoption.

As you know, on Saturday we said goodbye to spaniel puppy Chuppa. We really hoped that her sister, Chups would not have long to wait. And sure enough, today she too has a new home. Yippee. We really hate pups growing up at the ScPA, and these two had already been there for three weeks.

In March last year Jane came to the refuge along with her beautiful dalmation Belle to meet Suma (renamed Ruby), a gentle but terrified griffon khortal. Jane had initially wanted a puppy, but Ruby stole her heart. However some 15 months later and with Ruby settled, the urge for a puppy was still there. So when Jane saw this little cutie on the internet she decided it was time to add to her pack. Many thanks to her for taking on dog number three.

As it turns out, Chups already has some practice of being with two adult dogs. Rather than spend the weekend alone at the ScPA, she was lucky enough to be taken home by volunteer Michele, who,like Jane, has two other dogs. Many thanks to Michele. Although there have been a lot of changes for Chups, she will settle in just fine we are sure. We look forward to news and photos in due course.


Let’s hope that, unlike last week, we don’t wait until Saturday for the next adoption.

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