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Moovy and Flip are adopted.

Today we said goodbye to two more dogs!

First to leave was little Moovy. This pup arrived exactly ten days ago, and we were sure that she would be a big hit. Yesterday a family came to meet her and had only one more day to wait before this little German shepherd cross pup was legally allowed to leave. And bang on the dot of 2pm they were at the SPA ready to take their new  little girl to a new life. And we already know the family; they adopted a puppy from us four years ago, meaning Moovy will have a playmate, as well.

Second to leave was little Flip. He is now part of what we should perhaps call the Swedish connection. He is the third dog to leave to Swedish families this year. Billy left a month or so ago (and is now happily living in Sigtuna) and  of course in April Bird (now Ajax) left with a Swedish woman, although she lives here in France. Ajax’s  mum and Flip’s new mum are friends, and thus the connection was made.

Flip arrived at the beginning of May in a terrified state, but he has made huge progress thanks to the staff, the volunteers and also to his kennel-mate, Dylan. In the calm of a tiny Swedish village his progress will be even quicker, and we look forward to news and pictures of him with his new canine and human friends. Many thanks to Carla for making the long drive to collect her boy. It is a long way, but if the dog is right, the distance doesn’t matter!

Finally there has been much discussion about Cliona, who arrived at the SPA yesterday. If you see a dog in this condition, please don’t just turn your back. This dog clearly needed help. There is no excuse for leaving an animal to wander in this state for weeks, not in a modern European society. Thanks to the people who made sure she arrived at the SPA; without you she would doubtless have died. Cliona has a severe infection of the uterus and will have a major operation to remove her tumours (which are a result of her not having been sterilised, incidentally), but we hope she will make it through and eventually find a new home.

GSD pup













brindle coloured dog










Cliona – victim of ambivalence

labrador with enormous tumours









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