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More Dog Show News on International Day of the Dog

Today was Sunday so the refuge was shut.

That is the last time I will ever type those words, all being well. Next Sunday is the first Sunday of the month, so we would be open anyway. However as of then, the SCPA will be open every Sunday! This idea has been percolating for some time. Weekends are clearly the time when most people are free, and it is hoped that the new routine will encourage more people to adopt. Naturally we will be open for dog walking and cat cuddling, just as on any other afternoon!

Of course there probably won’t be adoptions every Sunday, so the end of the week blog may or may not take place.

Tonight what we have for you is more news of the upcoming Dog Show.

Registration is now open, and thanks to those of you who have already notified us that you intend to be there. It will help enormously for the catering team, as well as other logistics.

Rosettes and winners’ certificates are being created and we have managed to secure the services of not one but two judges, both of whom are qualified dog trainers and really know their stuff.

Jessica from Le Refuge des Grandes Oreilles has kindly offered to help out with the announcements, and so you will have a chance to chat to her and learn about the wonderful work she and her team do with their donkey sanctuary (hence the big ears!).

All in all the day looks like it is coming together nicely. Please share with your friends and let’s make sure it is a huge success. Although all the publicity is in English, everyone is welcome. The dog show events will be bi-lingual and many of the people manning the stalls speak French. So wherever you are from you will be made welcome; all we ask is that you love dogs! That isn’t hard, is it?

Finally, on this International Day of the Dog, if you are lucky enough to have a dog (or several) in your life, please give them an extra hug and tell them how much you love them. Having a dog is an honour and a joy and we should love them as much as we can, which is still never as much as they deserve.

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