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More Fundraising in Action

It has been some time since Moira and I blogged every day come hail or shine. Now we only blog if there is an adoption or other news to pass on. Sometimes this involves a fundraising event or initiative, and such is the case today.

Many of you will know Karen Hendry, who is a great supporter of DRC and the ScPA. Sadly she lives too far away to dog walk on a regular basis, but she pops in from time to time and does plenty of sharing of posts, which is very important, especially as Karen is a busy woman with a huge number of contacts.

She has a lot of good ideas too, and the most recent one of which is designed to bring funds to the refuge over a long period. And as everyone can join in even from a distance, we thought we would share her idea here. Basically Karen produces a numbered grid on her Facebook page, and people “buy” squares, at 2€ each.  Each month a number is pulled out of a hat, and 50% of the money pledged, goes to the winner to spend on a range of Norwex products, (you can contact Karen direct for more information) the ScPA receiving the other 50% in cash. Or rather as a cheque. Isn’t that genius?

The first cheque (for October) was delivered to the refuge last Thursday, and Karen and her husband took the opportunity to walk Melba, a hunt type dog whom Karen rescued and brought to the ScPA last month. The plan is to continue with this fundraising and make the cheques a regular thing. November’s grid is already filling up. Who knows where this could end?

Here is a photo of Karen with some of the employees and the first cheque. Shame we could not get one of those huge cheques that lottery winners are given, but maybe later on. Think BIG!

If you would like to join in, visit Karen’s Facebook page (the fundraising is set to public, obviously, there is no need to request her as a friend). Pledge away and remember that even if it is not your number that comes up, you will be helping out the animals at the refuge. Let me tell you, the odds are far better here than with the National Lottery!

Hopefully adoption news tomorrow, and hopefully better weather too.

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