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More midnight manoeuvres!

Well we knew for definite that today we would have at least one adoption! We did in fact have 3 but tonight we will talk about our long timer Gus.  At 1am Darcey crept into the refuge to hand Gus over to the doggie transporter and he is now well on his way to his new home in the UK.

Gus arrived nearly 2 years ago when he was 3. He hadn’t had the best start in life and its been a long wait for him but as they say ‘all good things come to those who wait’ and at last he is off to his forever home in Yorkshire!

Like all of our departures to the UK he left with a DEFRA type 2 licenced transporter under TRACES.  This sounds a lot more complicated than it is. All we have to do is submit a form with passport and health check scans to our local DDCSP  and they issue us with the appropriate paperwork. This ensures that there are no delays at passport control in Calais and that he is a legal ‘import’ as far as DEFRA are concerned. It also ensures that there is no risk of our dogs being seized in Calais and put into quarantine and that we don’t get a very large fine!

I am sure that Gus is going to be very happy with his new mum Jane who is avidly watching his journey on a real time tracker!

Later this month we will have another doggy leaving for the UK in exactly the same way so watch this space!

As Darcey said in yesterday’s blog two years is a long time for a dog to wait but better that and go to the right home. It’s just over a year ago that Blackie went to his new home after three years wait.For any of you nervous about adopting a long termer, have a read of his story in the Life After The Refuge page on our website. The transition from refuge to home life was not at all dramatic, he is very happy and Wendy has a faithful, loyal companion!

I often think that long timers know when they are in the right home and are ever so grateful!

Tomorrow will be about the other two adoptions….and one of them is an oldie, so dont miss it!

Gus….be happy!



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