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Morgana | T468

Morgana female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Large

As soon as this lovely pale shepherd cross arrived at the SCPA pound we were contacted by the person who had found her. Thanks to some detective work, they had tracked down the dog’s owners, had spoken to them on the phone, and wanted to reassure us that this dog would be collected the next day. The owner never came, much to the disgust and disappointment of this good samaritan. Yes, the fact remains that many of the dogs at the ScPA are there despite the fact that their owners could come and collect them. They just choose not to. Morgana, a magnificent and gentle dog with calm, dreamy eyes, deserves better. At the moment she is still in the Pound (as we have no formal certificate to abandon her we have no choice but to treat her as a lost dog), we will get her mixing with other dogs and out on walks, and sterilised. Yes, coming to the ScPA is the best thing that could happen to this lovely lass.


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  • Gentle and loving
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Will make a great family addition

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