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Musequton | A588

Mousqueton young male AngloMale, Young, Large

Oh, here is every hound lover’s new favourite dog! Mousqueton is an magnificent Anglo who was born in November 2012. He is a stunningly handsome dog, and he is not at all nervous of people. His instinctive reaction when he meets people is to ask for a cuddle. He is fine with other dogs, with the only issue being his jealousy around food, so separate feeding areas are needed at least until Mousqueton realises that food is plentiful. When he was found he had a carabiner embedded in his foot (mousquetonn in French, hence the name) and it is likely that he broke away from being chained up. A lucky escape for this lovely boy!

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  • Stunningly handsome
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Needs a loving family

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