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Much better news – Three adoptions!

I think the most positive thing I can say about yesterday, is that once people had read the blog and realised how sad I was, several people sent messages of support, urging me and all the other volunteers to keep going and not to give up.

You are right, sometimes it is very hard to continue. Unlike the people who abandon their dogs at the drop of a hat, we love dogs (including those that are not ours, but belong to the SPA), but we just have to accept that not everyone is like us. On Facebook and by email people have been telling us about how long it took their rescue dog to settle down, and how rewarding it has been to see him or her through the difficult days. Others have told us that no, their dog (rescue or otherwise) is not perfect, but they love them too much to even think about giving them up. This is very much the situation I am in. One of my four dogs (all rescues) chases anything that moves and no amount or dog school will stop her doing so. I manage the problem. Because I love her. And the other three are not perfect either. I would no more abandon them than I would cut off my arm in shark-infested waters.

But many problems CAN be solved by dog school, and advice can also be sought from the SPA itself. If you know that you are not going to have the patience to even try to solve any problems, please do not adopt a dog. Please do not buy a puppy, either, they are not an easy option. A variety of cuddly toys is available at all good toy shops.

Now onto SPA news, as I am sure most of you reading this do not need lecturing about how to treat dogs; you are the good guys!

After the three abandonments of yesterday, we had three adoptions today. And one of them was one of yesterday’s unfortunates, Palmito. Apparently not everyone is put off by the fact that a puppy is affectionate! The world has not gone totally crazy after all!

The second adoption was that of one of my favourites, and a former urgent appeal. Only urgent because I like him so much and wanted him to have a home. Buffalo, the non-descript but very hairy ball of love was adopted today. And also to my huge joy, Fassbender found a home. He has just gone on this site as my urgent appeal, again because he was spending far too long at the refuge, not because he was suffering particularly!

We wish all three of them long and happy lives and much as we love them, we never want to see any of them again!

So much better news today all round!

This photo of Lucky (adopted in September) was sent to cheer me up! Thanks Birgit! 
lucky 023







Palmito – ADOPTED (for the second time in 4 days)












Buffalo – ADOPTED

1472776_641245872585095_876609293_n (2)












Fassbender – ADOPTED

1794789_687517291291286_314420978_n (1)

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