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Murray and Clyde…

This week has not been the best week at the refuge but today has cheered us up as our two 15 year olds, Clyde and Murray went to their foster home.  It’s a very special person who agrees to foster 2 oldies so a big thank you to Sharon who saw our appeal on the website and offered her help. It would be sad for two 15 year olds to spend 3 months in the refuge so a foster home is a great short term solution.

This is not their first time with us. Last year their British owner spent a long time in hospital but was then able to reclaim his dogs.  Unfortunately, he had to return to hospital but hopes to be able to return for his dogs soon.

When Sharon contacted us I couldn’t help but smile when I heard the Scottish accent and as their owner is also Scottish the boys will certainly feel at home. I drove them over to Sharon’s who lives near Bezier and I am sure that they will settle well.

On a much sadder note, on Friday we said a sad goodbye to Dick our 13 year old setter. Dick really had had a sad life and finding himself at a noisy, chaotic refuge was just too much for him. His health deteriorated rapidly and although we love saving lives we never let a dog suffer.

Many thanks to Ingrid and Carole who accompanied him on his last journey and held him in their arms as he passed over to rainbow bridge.

Next week we hope for lots of adoptions to cheer us up. The weather seems to be improving so its a great  time to adopt and and get out and about with your new friend!

Murray and Clyde

Murray and Clyde…in foster now.


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