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Nawah| A228

Nawah young maleMale, Young, Large

Nawah is a fabulous brindle coloured mix who has been brought to the refuge by his family who are no longer able to keep him. They gave him great references, though, and like them, we hope he will find a home soon. Nawah is a great family dog. He is good with other dogs, affectionate with humans and can be left alone for short periods without problems. He was born in October 2017, and is now castrated, vaccinated and identified. It is harder for the larger dogs to find homes, but we hope that Nawah’s handsome looks and winning personality will make him an exception. He really is lovely, he doesn’t pull at all on the lead, and is extremely well-behaved. If you like your dogs big but gentle, you could not find a better dog.

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  • Affectionate with humans
  • Good with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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