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New arrivals…

This morning I added some new arrivals and what struck me right away was the fact that they were all young males. Why oh why do so many youngsters arrive in rescue? Is it mostly because people no longer have the time of patience to work through the adolescent years?

This is such a real shame. If you are consistent, patient and forgiving this stage soon passes and following on from yesterday’s post …when you take on a pup you take on a lifetime commitment!

So what do you do when your youngsters behaviour is getting you down? First of all take a deep breath and look at your daily management of your dog, Write it down.

Are you up and out with the dog so he can burn off some energy? If not, bored dogs soon learn to amuse themselves.  What about mental stimulation…young dogs need fun and games where they can use their brains. Is he taking off when you let him off leash, go back to basics with recall and use a long line whilst you practice. Is he barking like a loony as people pass the garden, supervise garden time, keep him close and distract him from passer byes.

Be kind and forgiving but firm with your dog during this phase, just as you would a teenager and you will soon have a super well behaved dog.

Today was day 1 at La Petite Pépinère in Caunes Minervois. Row Henson, author of Travels with Mac and Row was there with all proceeds from sales being donated to the SPA! Don’t forget that Roe and Jane will be there tomorrow so please feel free to pop along and say hello. We will hear from Jane how it all went once she has had a chance to take a breath. I am sure that she is exhausted in this heat…. many thanks to Jane and helpers who we will catch up with tomorrow.

Don’t forget that tomorrow is also our open day at the SPA. You can pop along anytime from 2-6pm, say hello and visit our dogs and cats!

Samuel..young and male


Sutech…young and male


Tom Puce..yep..young and male


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