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New puppies!

There was quite a bit of excitement when we posted pictures of the four recent puppy arrivals this morning. And why not? Ten weeks old, two males, 2 females; the Fabulous Forties litter are just stunning.

We are not always right, but this time we are confident in saying that these pups should go very quickly! However, as always, please make sure that you want an adult dog before you adopt a puppy. Because puppies become adult dogs, you know. What is more, if you want a well-educated, well-socialised adult, it is up to YOU to make sure your puppy is brought up properly.

Someone who seems to have done this very well is the family of Gavroche, who was adopted 5 years ago today. On the left he is seen when he left us aged four months (and 20kgs) and on the right today, five years and 25kgs later! If only all our puppies could be this lucky.

One dog whose life has changed enormously in a very short space of time is Romeo, who has been in his new home for just a week. He is making great progress and his new mum says “The best part of the day is when he races downstairs in the morning with Juilette and out into the garden where he does a canter with his tail held high”. And yes, Romeo’s doggy friend really IS called Juliette. Talk about Fate!

There were three arrivals at the SPA today, and sadly no adoptions. Let’s hope for better weather and more adoptions as the week progresses.

Lovely Lindy Hop
pale beige and white puppy









Beautiful Bugle Boy

black and white puppy











Gavroche then and now!

small dog on left, same dog on right but HUGE









And Romeo and Juliette 

Pale beige dog with friend

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