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New Year – New Media Launch

Exciting news today, DRC has launched itself into the world of Instagram and Twitter. This is something we have been meaning to do for a long time, but that is exactly the problem…TIME! There is always so much to do!

But now we have a new elf who has joined the social media team and as of today we are go go GO! Many thanks to Vasuki who has kindly offered to give us a hand (for which you can read “do it all”). She has a lot of experience in campaign writing and is bringing loads of ideas. Anything that can help raise funds or help find homes for dogs is fine with us!

If you would like to follow us, here are the links to our Twitter and Instagram. If you are active on any of those platforms, please like us, follow us and share away. Things are in their infancy right now, so there will be lots of changes in the next days and weeks, and the more encouragement we get the better!

And coincidentally the new ScPA website has just been launched! This has involved a huge amount of time and effort (and nagging) by ScPA board member, Marjorie, so as you peruse its pages, please think of her. Tweaking is still underway, but you can already see what a wonderful site it is.

Of course the DRC site will remain, so don’t worry for those of you who prefer to get your information in English. Plus of course you can continue to follow us on Facebook if you are that way inclined.

The photos that go with this story are not very exciting, so instead here is a photo of a dog who was reclaimed today. Just because she is beautiful and who doesn’t like looking at photos of beautiful dogs?

Fana was reclaimed today


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