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No news but good news!

Well, unsurprisingly given the horrendous weather, there were very few visitors to the refuge today. Equally there were no dog walks taking place, although one hardy volunteer, Rob (a Brit; we are used to rain) did show up to offer his services. You may find it strange that we do not walk our dogs when it is cold and wet. Many people argue that we should, that they walk their own animals, so why should refuge dogs not be allowed out.

The reason is that your dog can go inside to get warm afterwards, SPA dogs can’t. It takes them ages to dry off and they just curl up, wet and miserable in their kennels. Far better to leave them warm and dry. After all, the rain cannot last forever, can it???

The employees and I took the opportunity to have a bit of a clear out of the office, which we don’t always have time to do. There were no new arrivals but two dogs did find their homes. Neither dog had actually entered the refuge yet, but two people came in to tell us about dogs they had found, and in both cases we were able to match them up with dogs who had been reported missing.

The other really good bit of news (apart from the lovely Florentines that were brought in by one of our supporters, Jane), concerns a dog that has come to be known as Baby Eddy. He arrived at the refuge on October 22nd having been found straying, and immediately fell very ill. He was rushed to the vet where he spent five days under transfusion. Tests for parvovirus were negative, but the symptoms were very similar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canine_parvovirus). Things were not looking good.

The vet phoned us on Wednesday last week to tell us that Baby Eddy was probably not going to make it, as he was not eating and his veins were collapsing due to the transfusions. No, no, no, we said. On instructions from Carole I raced to the vet to try to tempt Baby Eddy with some raw burger meat and BINGO! Mika joined me there and took Baby Eddy back to the refuge where he could have more company (the vets, quite rightly had him in isolation, but the loneliness was making him lose the will to live)

For a while it was touch and go. Baby eddy has been living in the infirmary, where transfusions and injections continued for 4 more days. This was supplemented by more burger meat, and chicken and ham slices (thanks to Moira and Simone). Then all of a sudden Baby Eddy turned a corner. Today he was eating normal (though sensitive digestion) dog food and leaping everywhere to get cuddles.

I cannot believe the sense of relief we are all feeling. It has been pretty much round the clock care and worry.  Needless to say he lost a lot of weight, but his appetite is now excellent and he is getting better in leaps and bounds. It is going to be very difficult to put him into an outside kennel, which we will have to do as soon as he is fully recovered.

We are going to be looking for a very special home for this little dog who has undergone so much. If only I had room for one more……

Baby Eddy on Friday, feeling very sorry for himself










Baby Eddy today, bright as a button!






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