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Nureyev dances to freedom

Hi this is Darcey, back after what seems like an age, but of course I was keeping up with events from the other side of the Atlantic. Thanks to Moira for doing such an excellent job whilst holding the fort.

Today I went to the SPA for the first time in a couple of weeks and I was shocked at how the place has filled up in so short a time. Wednesday is not usually a refuge day for me, but I was accompanying a couple who are thinking of adopting one of our dogs and are now deciding whether or not to take the plunge. Fingers crossed. I won’t tell you who the lucky dog is until the departure date, and as it is a UK adoption, there is the 3 weeks rabies time to wait….watch this space, as they say!

I arrived just too late to witness the departure of Nureyev, and it was a real shame as I would have loved to have seen this little boy one last time and given him a final cuddle. He arrived seven months ago and has watched several of his kennel mates find new homes. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Then finally he caught the eye of a family who were looking for a companion for their dog. Nureyev gets on with everyone, and is small and discreet, so we just knew that it would work.

I saw one new dog arrive, and although he is chipped, I fear the worst for him, as despite being just 7 years old and small (he is a shih-tzu), Basile is showing signs of an eye infection. This may well be curable, but if his former owners are not willing to pay for him to be treated, then perhaps he is better off finding a new home! For the moment we are searching for his owners, but I am not optimistic. I know this breed is very popular, so if Basile is your kind of dog, please get in touch. He can be reserved pending confirmation from La Poste that his owners have been informed of his whereabouts.

Nureyev leaves after 8 long months.







And Basile arrives



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