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Oaka| A514

Okara young female husky crossFemale, Young, Medium

Oaka arrived with her brother Nilo towards the end of September. Both she and her older brother Nilo were identified. However their owner was trying to give them away on the internet, so with a bit of persuasion he agreed to leave them at the ScPA for rehoming instead. Had this not been the case then Oaka’s life would probably have been one of producing litter after litter of babies, some of whom would almost inevitably have ended up in bad hands or at the refuge, so we are very pleased that she made it to us and that she is now sterilised! Oaka was born in January 2018 so at the time of going to press is just coming up to three years old. The ScPA is looking for experienced owners of nordic type dogs or people prepared to become so. Oaka has quite a strong hunting instinct and will chase small animals and birds. She is fine on the lead.

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  • Fine on the lead
  • Needs experienced owner
  • Will make a lovely family member

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