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Oh, Gino!

Today saw the adoption of Gino. The less said about his arrival the better, let’s just say that he is not good with cats, but coming back to the SPA was not his fault. Especially as his former owners did not have cats. He is a lovely boy, though, and more than deserving of a new home, despite his recent blotting of his copybook. In fact his new pal, Roxy, is even worse than him when it comes to disliking felines. Fortunately his new owners, Kim and Arthur, are well aware of this and will make sure he is not allowed to run riot.

They saw his photo on our site, and having recently lost their beloved boy Jack, had a place in their home for a new boy. Their girl was feeling lonely, and although at their first meeting she wasn’t too sure, by the second time they met Gino had won her over. He is such a relaxed boy, and we are delighted that he has found such a great home. We will get lots of news of him, that is for sure.

bull terrier

Gino – ADOPTED Here with new pal Roxy (on the left)

In other news, today DRC launched an appeal. You will probably have seen that February 16th is the start of the Chinese Year of the Dog, and in honour of this, we are asking everyone to donate just €1 to the DRC Paypal account. All money raised will, as ever, be used to help the animals at the SPA, and we want this year to be an extra special one. You can read more about the appeal here, but please give generously. And please don’t foget to note on your donation that it is for the Year of the Dog Appeal.

There is another adoption in the offing tomorrow, but perhaps there will be more than one. Let’s wait and see.

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  1. There will be many many photos of the two, I know he will be very happy here,
    Thanks you everyone, you are doing a wonderful job

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