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Victoire| A288

Victoire female shepherd crossFemale, Young, Medium

And we all cried Victory! Finally having this dog at the refuge is a huge relief. She has been living as a stray under the dubious protection of some of the villagers close to the refuge, who have insisted on leaving her to breed litter after litter of pups, only some of whom have made it to the safety of the refuge. When Victoire was finally caught, she had only one remaining puppy in tow, all the rest had died. So this girl has had a very difficult life up to now. She has never been touched, and although she is interested in humans, she is extremely timid. The vet estimates her age as four years old (born June 2015) so although she is a young dog, Victoire has missed out on four years of education and socialisation and love. She will need a kind, calm and patient family, preferably with another dog to guide her.

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  • Needs a doggy companion
  • Very timid
  • Needs a special family to love her

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