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Once a Flatcoat lover always a Flatcoat lover…

When its too hot to do much walking I often have a walk around the kennels giving out treats and saying hello to the newbies. About two weeks ago I was doing just that when I came across Lotus, a lovely 3 year old Flatcoat boy.

I have to say my heart skipped a beat as I do love Flatcoats and I know quite a few real doggy lovers who are fans of this breed. I took some photos and sent them to a lady who I know has a Flatcoat and has lots of doggy lovers as friends in the hope that we could find him the perfect home.

This lady adopted Pepper ( ex Flavie)  from us about a year and a half ago so has two dogs and had no intention of having a third but when she saw his photo it didn’t take long to get back to me to say that that they would in fact adopt him. Although that hadn’t been my intention I wasn’t a bit surprised!

Next we had to test him with cats as there is a 15 year pussycat in the household and we certainly wouldn’t want him stressed, so off he went for a cat test but no problems there, he was fine! Only one more thing to see to before he was good to go and that was castration. After a visit to the vet on Thursday he was then ready for his new family!

This afternoon, on their way home from holiday they stopped by the SPA, introductions went well with doggies Tally and Pepper and off he went!

To be adopted after two weeks in kennels is very lucky and to go to such a special home even more so!

I am sure that we will have regular updates and pictures..maybe even a Life After The Refuge story too!

Not long after Lotus left, Harley also left. The family who adopted him came along to meet him at last Sundays open day. They have no other dogs or cats and their previous dog was a Rottweiler so they are used to handling large breed dogs. They have an enclosed garden and understand that Harley, like all of our youngsters really need time, patience and training. This really is great news for Harley as he had been adopted from us as a happy pup after being in  foster with a volunteer. Its a fact that young males are statistically more likely to come into refuge and stay there the longest!

Parvo has unfortunately reared its ugly head again. A pup left at the gate had to be rushed to the vets as it was in a sorry state. Our vets are very experienced and we hope that the pup will pull through.  Dumping a pup with parvo at the gate really puts all of our dogs at risk. Reception had to be disinfected as did the vet van and cage. It could be of course that someone found a sick pup and thought it better to bring it to us. If you do find a dog who needs immediate vet care..take it direct to any vets. That way they get the care that the need and our other dogs are not put at risk.

Lotus saying hello to his new family,,,




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