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One oldie and one youngster say goodbye!

Remember Urio, who arrived on Monday with an illegible tattoo? Well, thanks to “the network”, his owners have been traced and they came to collect him this afternoon. Huge relief. It is never nice when an old dog arrives at the SPA, but when one arrives in fabulous condition, as in this case, I find myself imagining a distressed elderly couple, desperate for news but not knowing how to go about finding their beloved pet. Not everyone has internet, and not everyone thinks to phone the SPA.

Urio’s owners lived near to Lezignan Corbieres, and as there is a refuge much closer to them, it is hardly surprising that they had not contacted us to look for their dog. This shows once again the importance of identification, but also that your details must be kept up to date at the central database in Paris. Don’t assume that you will never lose your dog. As one of our Facebook followers, Lauriane Villa wrote recently, a dog can be “spooked” by a sudden noise, such as thunder or fireworks. Also a bitch on heat may cause your uncastrated male to wander. Equally you may have a car accident and your dog or cat may run from the scene. This happens more frequently than you might think. Identification and up to date details may be the only thing that saves your dog.

Urio is a lucky boy. Thanks to those who helped us, you know who you are!

There was another lucky dog today. Jexie did not physically leave the refuge, as apart from a very brief appearance, her 10 days of “pound time” was spent being fostered at Carole’s house. Today she left for her permanent home.  Thanks Carole. It is so nice when puppies don’t have to learn the hard way how sad life can be.

In other refuge news we had yet more plants delivered in preparation for tomorrow’s working afternoon, and so thank you yet again to the Aalders, adopters of Grizzli and (lucky for us) donkey-owners!

My fellow volunteers and I are really looking forward to getting these plants put in the ground tomorrow. I promise to take photos and tell you all about it!

Urio- RECLAIMED (thanks everyone)












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More plants and compost.

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