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Open Day means freedom for Bart.

Today was open day at the refuge and the sun was shining brightly.

That was not the only bright spot; there was also cake! Thanks to Karen for (wo)manning the stand and to everyone who sent cakes and helped raise a little bit of extra cash for the refuge. Even the 25 or so euros that we gained in this way helps, it can buy a couple of Scalibor collars, for example, or go towards buying special food for the dogs who need it; we have dogs with obesity problems (Shadow); with diabetes (Scotch) and with highly sensitive stomachs (Beyrouth, the Rottweiler).

Plenty of dogs were walked, too, and one even left the refuge! Usually no dogs are adopted on open days, just reserved. This is because we have no secretarial staff, it is volunteers only (let’s face it, the employees work hard enough during the week, they need their time off). But just occasionally a dog is collected on a Sunday, as the adopters live far away and this is the only day they can make the journey (and is a very good reason for having the Sunday opening!)

Today’s lucky boy was Bart. This smallish dog has HATED being at the SPA. Some dogs cope better with refuge life than others, and Bart definitely fell into the category of “others”. He arrived having been found, unidentified, in mid January. As soon as he had his two vaccinations Moira and I took him for a long walk with his kennel mate, and we were amazed that he knew and obeyed several commands. Sit, stay, lie; all of these came automatically once Bart’s initial excitement at being out of his box had worn off. Someone had clearly put some work into training him, and I just cannot understand why they would have not come to collect him. Surely you don’t put in this much effort and then balk at paying to have your dog micro chipped?

In any case, a couple who live in Dept 84 (some 3 hours away) saw our website and after a few email exchanges, today they came to collect lucky Bart. And he really is going to be lucky! Not only will he be out of the refuge, but he will also have five hectares of land to share with his new friend, a four year old griffon khortal. A perfect recipe for happiness!

We had one new arrival of the non-dog variety, who quickly made himself at home in a kennel. But his dad, owner of Patrouille, took him home once everyone had given the dog a cuddle. A couple of other dogs came to say hello, too; look at how lovely Alpha has grown! There was also a reservation, but as ever I won’t spill the beans till the glorious day of departure.

So all in all a good day.










Alpha pops in to say hello

2014-04-06 13.32.40









And a strange new human arrival made himself at home!

2014-04-06 15.10.43

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