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Open days are meant to result in fewer animals at the refuge, not more!

Well, the first of our two open days didn’t go quite as planned. I thought it was generally understood that the movement of animals on open days is meant to be out of the SPA, rather than in. Especially on the open weekend that is dedicated to St Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals.

Some people used the opportunity to dump their pets. One adult dog, one puppy and five kittens were waiting outside the gates this morning, and another puppy arrived this afternoon. For any animal found at the gates, there is an automatic 10 days pound time, so if you think your abandoned animal is going to leave the same day, you are WRONG.

We are at our wit’s end. What are we supposed to do with all these dogs and cats? The refuge walls are not made of elastic, you know!

On a far more positive note, the second day of dog and cat food collection at Geant was even more successful than yesterdays, with a further 8 trolley loads of goodies arriving at the refuge. Once again many many thanks to all of you who gave so generously (some of you brought food directly to the SPA, too), to all the volunteers who manned the stand and again to Geant for hosting the event.

In terms of adoptions, two lucky dogs left. First was Wallace, who caught the eye of a young couple. He was fine with their toddler and scared of cats, so he went off very happily. This picture does him no justice at all, he is a very handsome boy.

Second to leave was Djinn, mother of Galice who was adopted a couple of months ago. I like this story particularly because Collette and Dave came for a male dog under two and left with a female of five and a half. They let their heart be their guide, and Djinn is going to be a very happy girl!

Let’s  hope tomorrow brings more adoptions. If you are thinking of coming to see us, you are more than welcome, but not if you are planning on abandoning an animal. There is just no more room!

Poppins, just 6 weeks old









Lucky Wallace
543443_598372890205727_908137115_n (1)










And Djinn leaves despite not being a young male!










The van arrives from Geant. Thank you everyone!


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