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Open doors for Diana and an oldie finds a home too!

Two more wonderful adoptions today.

First to leave was Diana, a young dog who has been at the refuge for almost a year. And as she was born in December 2017, , this is over half her life. Sometimes we wonder why some dogs have so long to wait; well it is partly due to the sheer number of fabulous dogs who are at the refuge looking for homes, but sometimes dogs become almost invisible. A dog like Diana, who is “just another” shepherd cross, blends into the refuge, whereas some of the more unusual breeds get more attention.

To be fair Diana arrived with no training whatsoever, and so anyone offering her a home would have had a lot of work ahead of them. However almost a year at the refuge has made a huge difference to this girl. Regular walks with volunteers, playtimes and socialisation with the staff and in the park and a few changes of kennel mate have all done wonders for her behaviour, both on and off the lead.

She left for her new home today having caught the eye of a retired couple who have a large enclosed garden and are offering her lots of love and three walks a day, as well as playtime with their friends’ dogs. We have a feeling that Diana is going to be very happy indeed!

shepherd cross


On the other end of the age spectrum we said goodbye to Flambo. This is amazing news, mainly because this bruno de Jura cross was the oldest dog at the refuge, and as with all our oldies, we worry about them in the summer heat.

Not that Flambo shows his age at all. This lad is thirteen years old, believe it or not! He can give some of the younger dogs (and some of the volunteers) a run for their money. And today, out of the blue and after less than three weeks at the refuge, Flambo has a new home! Huge thanks to his new family, who are going to join the volunteer team, too, so we will have lots of news of Flambo in his new life.

old bruno de jura

13-year-old Flambo – ADOPTED

The week has got off to a good start. What else will happen, we wonder?

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