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Open weekend disappointment: 7 dogs in, 4 out

Well, it was day two of the Open Weekend, and I just wish I had better news! There was a time when the National Open Days (which take place 3 times a year) would result in numerous adoptions. In fact at the Christmas Open Day two years ago we had 23 dog adoptions and not a single return. Those days appear to be well and truly over.

I am trying not to be too down, as we did have a lovely day, and there were a number of reservations made, but only one dog actually left. That was Mojito, who had been abandoned on Thursday the same time as Habbie. So we have to be happy for him. And Poppins, who had been brought in yesterday, found her owner.

There was a net increase in the number of dogs, though, as one spaniel was found tied up at the gate this morning and three Anatolian Shepherd puppies were brought in having been found in an appalling condition. Our thanks to the couple who brought them in, they would surely have perished had they spent much more time straying.

On a more positive note, there were lots of volunteers at the refuge, as well as visitors. Karen and John ran the bottle tombola, and there was a cake stall, too. Thanks to Anita and everyone else who brought cakes. Thanks as ever to dog walkers old and new for giving up their sunny Sunday afternoon to support the refuge. We really appreciate you, and the dogs and cats even more so! And let’s not forget Melanie, Carole and Geoffrey who are SPA employees but who came along to help out in their free time.

Plenty of dogs were walked, and cats caressed, and if you ignore the fact that we have more animals now than we started with, the weekend was quite a success. However if adoptions do not pick up soon, I simply do not know what we are going to do.

There was plenty of kindness to animals shown this weekend, but I don’t think St Francis of Assisi would be very impressed with the human race right now!

John relaxing at the bottle tombola! (don’t worry, we made him work, too!)











And just look at the state of these poor puppies!


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