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Hansel| A399

Hansel young male labrador crossMale, Young, Large

Hansel was found with his “sister” Gretl, who has already been adopted. Apart from being female, she was a bit smaller and an unusual russet colour, so attracted much more attention than her bigger, blacker “brother”. I suspect that Hansel just outgrew his owners’ expectations of size, as he is quite a big lad, and is only now learning to walk on the lead. Unsurprising that a big, lively dog should need some training, and it is a shame that irresponsible owners have yet again neglected to look after their dog properly. However look at how handsome Hansel is! He is a lovely boy, with stacks of enthusiasm for everything that life has to offer. He was born in January 2018 and although he has a lot of learning to do, he will be a very faithful and rewarding dog. home!

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  • Needs lead training
  • Handsome dog rewarding character
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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