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Boomer| A426

oomer young male labrador crossMale, Young, Medium

Boomer had a very sad life before coming to the refuge, and will need a dog experienced family to help him get over his trauma. We are not sure where his life started, but he was “acquired” (presumably free via the internet) by someone who left him tied up 24/7 and reliant on passers by for scraps of food and sometimes he was even without water. Luckily for him he made it to the refuge, and immediately to foster, where he settled in well and was fine with the family’s other dog as well as being clean in the house. He was adopted directly from this foster house, however his new family turned out to be far from ideal for him, and by the time they brought him back, Boomer’s former foster had taken on another dog and were unable to take him back. So Boomer is at the refuge, but that is fine in some ways, as there he will get far more exposure to other dogs and people, which will help him with his socialisation. Boomer is looking for a dog-savvy home, with or without other dogs, but with lots of love and presence. Boomer was born in January 2013 and is medium haired labrador cross.

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  • Needs dog-savvy home
  • Can live with other dogs
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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