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Oscar| A269

Oscar Male, Young, Medium

The fact that Oscar is at the refuge might make you feel sorry for him. Don’t! This dog was seen straying in a field in Carcassonne (yes, we have fields here, too) and was caught thanks to a volunteer using a trap and lots of patience. Oscar, who was born in March 2018, was in a terrible state and unlucky for him, he was identified. His owner came to collect him, but was persuaded to leave his dog at the refuge to find a better life. Oscar is looking far better already. Gone are all the ticks and fleas, and Oscar is no longer skeletal. He is a stunning dog. Unsurprisingly he is nervous of people; we doubt that he has ever known any human contact or affection before coming to the refuge. But this is something the ScPA is excellent at. Oscar is gradually learning that people can be kind and gentle, and we will ensure that Oscar’s new family show him nothing but love from now on.

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  • Nervous but getting better
  • Responds to human contact
  • Will make a lovely family pet

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