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Zebuline | T583

ZebulineFemale, Young, Medium

Zebuline’s owner is well known to the SCPA, as we have played host to many of his dogs over the years. Usually he reclaims them, and usually (like always!) we wish he wouldn’t. Zebuline has a chance for a new life, as he has not come to collect her. It would be great for this stunning cross breed to find a new home. Zebuline was born in December 2017, doubtless the puppy of one of her owners other dogs. She is really beautiful with staffy-like brindle colouring, but there is nothing staffy about her at all. She is sociable and affectionate. Had she not arrived at the ScPA she would doubtless have spent her life having litter after litter of pups who would have been condemned to the same life. So this is a super save all round.

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  • Sociable and affectionate
  • Still a young dog
  • Will make a great family pet

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