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Our wonderful volunteers strike again!

gibusNo more arrivals today, I am relieved to say, but no departures either. Well, not permanent ones. One  of the things that keeps me going when times are rough, is the devotion of the other volunteers. In fact when I say volunteers, quite often I mentally include the employees, several of whom were volunteers before being offered a paid post at the refuge. After all, not only had they already proved their devotion to animals by giving their free time to the refuge, they already knew how things work, so there was no need for extensive training.
Several of our volunteers take puppies and kittens home until they have their 2 vaccinations, or just to help with training and socialisation. Other volunteers see a dog in need and offer to foster them, too. On Tuesday little Benson went home to be fattened up, yesterday Megan (she of the staple gun attack) left for some R+R, and today Snoopy the dalmatian left with one of our ex-volunteers/now employees. What is most remarkable about that is that she had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, also has a 3 year old daughter plus 3 dogs and the same number of cats. So when I say that the SPA Carcassonne has the best team of volunteers of any refuge, you will know why!
In other news the last remaining puppy, from the “flower” litter, Magnolia, has been reserved, and today she met her new big brother, Gibus, who also left the SPA as a puppy (but spent his pre-adoption time with yet another family of volunteers!) Here is a photo of him today; some of you may remember him from when he was little!
Can I just also add a PS: Like everyone who works in animal rescue, I am incredibly busy. Please can you decide whether you do actually want to adopt a dog (and have the permission of your children if required) before making me spend my precious time jumping through hoops answering your questions. I have little enough free time as it is. À bon entendeur salut, as they say in these parts!

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