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Our Year of the Dog Appeal..

Last week saw the start of the Chinese New Year. As it will be the year of the DOG, we at Dog Rescue Carcassonne are hoping to raise even more money for the animals at SPA Carcassonne.

If every one of you lovely people gave just €1 each, that would mean we’d raise a total of €2900. With that money, we could make the lives of the many dogs who pass through our doors so much better.

Last year 622 dogs and 348 cats passed through our doors. To get each dog or cat ready for adoption it costs us..

2 Vaccinations
Kennel cough
Flea and worm treatment
Rabies vaccination, passport and travel costs for any dogs travelling out of France

And then there is the vet care should any dog need it as well as refuge overheads. These costs would really make your eyes water!

I know that many of you have SPA Carcassonne or rescue dogs and that there are lots of you who are dog lovers.
Please help us help even more dogs this year by donating 1 euro or more and help make this year of the DOG very special for our dogs!

You can donate by:

  •  paypal : website@dogrescuecarcassonne.co.uk and please mention YEAR OF THE DOG APPEAL in the comments.
  • By following this link to pay by card : https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=Yc6pK08c9VssBVul6K-FV7n6SMq_C9-Bp2irYbfODfdFX75nm-_HbkiPViUEBypFlWhT_0&country.x=FR&locale.x=
  • A cheque, payable to the SPA,  SPA Carcassonne, Chemin de la SPA, 11000 Carcassonne.
  • or Cash, of course!

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