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Pador leaves for Scotland.

Its always a privilege and also a bit nerve wracking when someone asks you to choose a dog for them.  Lyndsay, the daughter of one of my best friends has always wanted a dog and although there has never been a family dog, she has grown up around all of my dogs as well as numerous aunties’ and friends’ dogs.  Now that she is an adult, has a job and her own house, she decided that it was at last time to get a furry friend.

It took me a few weeks to find her a suitable dog. I wanted a young dog who was sociable with everybody and especially other dogs and cats. A small to medium sized dog would be best and as Lyndsay has direct neighbours, not a barker. This was to be a dog who would be around her and her friends’ future children so I wanted a confident dog who seemed at ease with everyone they met. When I suggested Pador, Lyndsay was delighted. Pador was reserved and Lyndsay booked a flight to come over to meet him, spend a few days getting to know him and to formally adopt him.

Lyndsay is a primary teacher so she knew that if this was going to work, mum and dad, who luckily live only 10 mins away, would also have to be prepared to puppysit Pador during the day, take him for walks and help with training. This was something that both mum and dad were more than happy to do and so Pador will have a big extended family too.

Like all adopters Lynsday realised lots had to change. No more long lie-ins but up at 6am so Pador can have his first walk before work , no more rushing in at 6pm and out again with friends but instead home sharply and out with Pador.

But, as well as a great responsibility a first dog is really great fun. We all learn on our feet with a first dog but to give themselves a head start Pador, Lyndsay and Dad will be off to dog training.

If you adopt a dog you can of course elect to have him transported home. For Lynsday this made sense as it’s a long drive to Scotland, especially with a dog that you don’t really know.

So tomorrow morning, very early, I will be sneaking into the refuge to hand Pador over to our transporters FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS AND CATS who always deliver our dogs in tip top condition.

Lyndsay will be able to follow Pador’s journey via a tracker system but his bed is already prepared, all ready and waiting for him.

Like all teachers, Lynsday never misses a learning opportunity and her class will be learning all about rescue dogs, adoption and the responsibilities of having a pet. If they are very good they might even get a VIP visit from Pador himself at the end of term!

Pador adopted!


Padors new bed awaits..

There was an adoption at the SPA today, but we will tell you about that and all the other news tomorrow.





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